The Fundamentals

As a class this semester, we have covered a wide range of techniques that users are able to use on a computer. The history of how the internet was created, the present uses of the internet, and also the fluctuating trends that are prevalent. We’ve also listed several social media sites that connect users from … More The Fundamentals

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a complex obstacle that can put most writer’s in a rut. It may only be a minute or could last a lifetime, but it is something you can overcome. Authors and poets alike all experience writer’s block when putting together their work, so by acknowledging that it can stunt your writing you may avoid … More Writer’s Block

Where To Go

For those that are getting acquainted with writing, start by sitting down and getting your thoughts together. Have some light instrumental music or some ambient sound, so that you may brainstorm and get in gear. Find somewhere where you are comfortable and not distracted or interrupted by others is crucial. Provide yourself with enough time … More Where To Go

Write It!

Have you wanted to write or put together your thoughts? Have you wanted to add a caption to one of your favorite photos? Well this application will allow users to create their own work and share it. “Write It!” is simple and easy to use and made for the every day writer or blogger. “Write … More Write It!


Another option for those that are interested in writing are prose. Prose are written in paragraphs instead of verse, but contain aspects of poetry such as poetic meter, language play and a focus on images rather than narrative, plot and characters. The structure for prose are linked to how we speak everyday rather than that … More Prose


Once having found and read authors and writers you particularly enjoyed, start to distinguish what type of poetry you want to create. The style and technique that you use in your writing will convey your emotion and feeling to the reader. Your lyric, sonnet or verse will be composed of various lines, meters, stanzas and … More Poetry


This is my first summer in San Marcos, and I have be studying for a B.S. degree in Mass Communications. I am focusing my major in Advertising, while minoring in Business Administration. Since transferring from creative writing at Tyler Junior College, I haven’t had the time to post or draft what I want to write. For this page, I … More Introduction