This is my first summer in San Marcos, and I have be studying for a B.S. degree in Mass Communications. I am focusing my major in Advertising, while minoring in Business Administration. Since transferring from creative writing at Tyler Junior College, I haven’t had the time to post or draft what I want to write.

For this page, I will be exploring creative writing both generally and personally.  Poems, prose and free-verse are some of the various styles of creative writing. I want myself, as well as others, to understand their creative and imaginative personas. By writing day to day jots, self reflections and insightful findings; you may find some enjoyment from your literature. I want to go in-depth to understand how to develop well formed views, opinions and thoughts, and express them in writing.

Some are more love-devoted or romantic, while others are rants and blusters of the day. A vent for frustration, relaxation and complacency, or a voice to shout ideas and feelings. By reading this I want you, the reader, to feel more inclined to take the time and write your voice. [SIC] means, ‘thus it was written’, or in the way it was originally intended. Inserted after a quote to harness in on the writer or speaker’s choice of words as transcribed.

For more information on how to develop your own writing skills and techniques, use this link.



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