The Fundamentals


As a class this semester, we have covered a wide range of techniques that users are able to use on a computer. The history of how the internet was created, the present uses of the internet, and also the fluctuating trends that are prevalent. We’ve also listed several social media sites that connect users from all over the world.

By taking this class I have learned how to code and design my own html page. This includes the CSS or cascading style sheets, as well as the photo galleries and captions. Using paragraphs and images to depict the intended message of the designer to those that will be viewing the site.

Your digital life is already begun. From your online profiles to the emails that your receive daily, you’ve encompassed technology in your everyday life. By learning and understanding the programs and devices that are now being used more often, you are able to control the information being put out their for others to see and use.


Clickhere to read History of the Digital Age.


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