Another option for those that are interested in writing are prose. Prose are written in paragraphs instead of verse, but contain aspects of poetry such as poetic meter, language play and a focus on images rather than narrative, plot and characters. The structure for prose are linked to how we speak everyday rather than that of syllabic or rhythmic patterns.

Your theme will set what it is that you are writing about. It may be a memory, an experience or something that is important to you. The more passionate that you are about your topic the more your writing will flourish. Make your themes something that the reader can relate to and be interested in.

Some aspects of writing are tone, vocabulary, perspective, sentence structure, imagery, and storytelling. You must consider your audience when putting together the content of your work, and what message they will receive by reading it. The purpose and the voice of your writing should be clear and concise. Your word choice and the organization of your literary devices will make for an astonishing piece of work.

For more on prose visit this link.


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