Once having found and read authors and writers you particularly enjoyed, start to distinguish what type of poetry you want to create. The style and technique that you use in your writing will convey your emotion and feeling to the reader. Your lyric, sonnet or verse will be composed of various lines, meters, stanzas and couplets that you will structure accordingly.

Lyric poetry consists of a poem that expresses the thoughts and feelings of the poet. This style addresses the reader directly, portraying his or her own feeling, state of mind and perception. The term lyric is most commonly referred to words to a song, but may be composed as the writer wants.

Sonnets are typically written in 14 lines that are under three coordinate quatrains and a concluding couplet. These lines are in iambic pentameter with a structure of A B A B C D C D E F E F G G. The first quatrain contains the main theme and main metaphor, the second extends the first quatrain, the third introduces a twist or conflict, and the couplet that summarizes and leaves the reader with a new concluding image.

Styles of Poetry


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